Reception Hall, Banquet Hall, and Event Center

We are a Madison area banquet hall, reception hall and event center that specializes in providing exceptional experiences for every event. We make every effort to ensure your special event is as unique as you are – without breaking the bank.
We can accommodate almost any kind of event: weddings, quineañeras, corporate/holiday dinners and many more.
Let us make your event unforgettable.

Local ownership and decades of experience means low overhead – which means we can work with any budget.Contact Us
Located just outside of Madison in Verona, Wisconsin, there are many close by attractions and lodging options for your out-of-town guests.Book An Appointment
A warm, inviting environment has a dynamic atmosphere to ensure your even has the look and feel that expresses your event’s specific individuality.Set Your Plans
Being a Madison-area banquet hall for more than 10 years, we’ve seen all types of events. Your event is a reflection that’s uniquely you – and your experience at The Heights can be fully tailored to your vision here.Start Your Adventure Today
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Food options for your business luncheon

  • March 7th, 2014

What food should I serve at a business luncheon?
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Tips for your next business luncheon

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  • Wedding Planning Guide

Wedding Planning Guide

  • January 13th, 2014

Planning a wedding

Being one of the largest banquet center in the Madison area, The Heights hosts weddings almost every weekend from May until September. One of the features that we offer is an in-house […]