Memorable Girl, Menorable Quince

A quinceanera is the second most important day in a girl’s life – second only to her wedding. It is more than just planning a great banquet, which includes a religious and symbolic cultural right of passage for a young lady.

At The Heights, we’ll help you make your daughter’s quinceanera both magical and memorable – at a budget you can afford. We take every effort to cater this special day to your exact specifications with a fully customized venue, a large and exquisite menu, and room for 550 guests. And, we’re one of the only Madison event centers that specializes in quinceaneras. You’ll work with one of our event planners, who will help plan and handle your event so your daughter’s special day will be beautiful – so you can focus on what’s important: your daughter’s quinceanera.

Please take a quick look at our Quinceanera Planning Guide. As soon as you are ready. Please use ourContact FormEmail, or by Phone to speak with one of our event coordinator today!